Asso Itinera, infrastructure and construction

AssoItinera SA is a company that works in the field of infrastructure and civil and industrial construction. The company has the experience and know-how thanks to a team of experts who have worked abroad for many years and now also operate in Switzerland. The company is involved in construction and civil engineering projects and carpentry in general, including excavations and transport of material, drilling, construction and management of recovery sites, processing and recycling of inert materials from the buildings and environmental measures, and the operation and management of landfill sites. AssoItinera SA works with unyielding commitment, focusing its attention on protecting the environment, technological innovations, and meeting the needs of its customers.

Key services include:

  • Road and rail infrastructures
  • Tunnels and underground projects
  • Road maintenance
  • Excavations
  • Drilling
  • Operation and management of landfill