Many services are offered by Axim and by the team of professionals who actively work in the various operating companies of the Group. The offer ranges from the research and negotiation of land and buildings to the actual design and construction in all its phases in the residential, commercial, and hotel sectors. The areas of expertise range from the execution of special foundation works, to the supply of building materials, up to the study of finishes and interior design and real estate management and promotion. An interdisciplinary staff, thanks to the internal coordination of all activities, allows a turnkey service with a considerable saving of time and costs to obtain maximum customer satisfaction.


Passion for the property sector is at the heart of Axim Gestioni SA. It aims at offering customers a 360-degree service and to this end, it comprises two divisions, one dedicated to sales and the other dedicated to property management and administration.

Construction Company

From the construction of new residential buildings, ranging from the villa to the residential complex, up to industrial buildings or renovations of various kinds, Petazzi & Co SA can count on a group of highly trained technicians available also for construction management or technical consultancy.

Interior design

Thanks to the advice of expert technicians in the sector, we offer the customer the best materials and the most innovative technologies in every phase of construction: from the raw structure to the finishes and interior furnishings, becoming the ideal partner for every client, from private to the builder, from the planner to the interior designer.

Civil Engineering

All the works concerning and involving the world of geotechnics, geology, and geothermal energy are analyzed and implemented by a group of engineers, specialized in the field, with international experience using the latest generation machinery.


The experience in the supply and installation, up to the guaranteed assistance on the realization, allows the customer to choose from a wide range of floors and ventilated or glued facades, never giving up the quality of the material or the execution technique.

Metal construction

The whole field of metal construction is followed with many years of experience, guaranteeing control and quality from the design, to the installation of windows of various kinds and in different materials, as well as of curtain walls.


Thanks to an important partnership with a team of expert technicians in the sector, with a long international experience, we offer consultancy and construction of works in the field of civil engineering, ranging from excavations and transport, up to the management of recovery structures.