Sale, management and administration of real estate

Axim Gestioni SA was born thanks to the passion for the real estate sector to offer customers a 360-degree service. This is why the company has two divisions, one dedicated to sales and one dedicated to the management and administration of properties.

Axim Gestioni SA, and its trusted sales division, help customers who want to buy or sell a property by offering full-scale professional advice: from the search for a property through to its handover.
Axim has a very wide and varied portfolio: from luxury apartments and villas to rental properties and land for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Due to the variety of solutions, customers will have no difficulty in finding one that suits their individual needs in terms of price, location, and features. Axim, and its team of professionals, also boast a direct and selected network of contacts with banks, institutions, lawyers, and professionals from the sector, who, as well as mediating between the seller and the buyer, offer technical, fiscal, financial, legal, and notary services to carry out the steps required to conduct the sale.

This division deals with the management and administration of its properties for residential, commercial, and mixed-use, including those of third parties.
Our collaborators also take care of advertising the rental properties, finding the ideal tenant, all the administrative steps with the tenants, from drafting the agreement to collecting the rent, accounting, and, if required, even tax returns. All this is done with skill, professionalism, and detailed legal knowledge.
Experience and preparation ensure that all of Axim's properties are excellently maintained. Through constant and rigorous inspection, regular upkeep of general systems such as washing machines, lifts, air-conditioners, heating are guaranteed. Service agreements already in place with leading specialist companies also ensure that maintenance is done efficiently and effectively.
Axim Gestioni SA offers a reliable service that every owner will be able to rely upon and that will keep them constantly updated about the situation with their properties.

The main services offered are:

• Accompanying the customer in the search for the ideal object
• Inspection, appraisal, photographs
• Contacts with the various offices to examine the situation
• Preparation of a tax return on real estate profits
• Collaboration with other intermediaries
• Contact with financial institutions for credit advice (construction or mortgage)


• Search for tenants and check creditworthiness
• Examination of documentation and stipulation of rental contracts
• Check the collection of rents, ancillary costs, and balance
• Correspondence with tenants, reminders, warnings, cancellations
• Insurance practices; stipulation of policies and claims announcements for property damage
• Contacts and assignments to artisans

Property management by floors

• Convening and conducting the assembly of co-owners
• Preparation of the minutes, execution of the decisions of the assembly of co-owners, and drafting of a management report
• Collection of contributions and administration of the renewal fund
• Real estate accounting
• Preparation of the budget and its distribution, accounting closure, and preparation of the annual financial statements at the end of the accounting period
• Examination and hiring of the caretaker/cleaning staff and regular checking of the work performed
• Stipulation of insurance contracts
• Handling of insurance procedures in the event of damage
• Stipulation of plant assistance subscriptions
• Stable taxation
• Representation of co-owners to the outside world (third parties and authorities)